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Albino Sulcata Breeder has much more than just Albino Sulcata tortoise for sale!

As tortoise breeders, we focus on using only the best breed stock to provide our customers with healthy, happy and active top quality specimens that are sure to please any turtle or baby tortoise enthusiast for decades to come.  Our tortoises for sale online include nothing but 100% captive bred tortoise breed stock.




For those inexperienced with tortoises we do recommend the well started baby albino sulcata tortoise for sale, as they are much easier to care for and substantially more active. We also offer well started baby sulcata tortoises for sale as well as yearlings. We do recommend the well started babies over the albino sulcata tortoise hatchlings, as they are much more active and easier to care for but still are very small and cute. Once grown, the baby Sulcata Tortoise make great pet tortoises and are known for their outgoing personalities and friendly nature. The Albino African Spurred tortoise grow fast and are relatively easy to care for. Our Albino Sulcata Tortoise hatchlings for sale are just about 1.75-2″ in length offer vibrant color and are extremely healthy, fed a variety of greens, cactus and tortoise chow as well as being soaked daily. We also offer the regular well started baby sulcata tortoise for sale, as well as juvenile spur-thighed tortoises for sale and adults sulcata tortoises including the ivory sulcata tortoise. If you’re considering an ivory sulcata tortoise for sale, send us a message.

It is important that you choose a reputable tortoise breeder/keeper when purchasing your baby albino Sulcata tortoise (remember you get what you pay for!) We are proud to say we offer some of the nicest albino African spur-thighed tortoise for sale available in the US directly from KENYA at some of the best prices will find anywhere. Note that these animals are disregarded and not considered as pet in African countries and largely considered destructive and a nuissance to local farmers. Thus, this has ensured that there is no market / buyers of tortoises from the African continent allowing us to sell at very affordable and cheap price to buyers worldwide.

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