Baby Ivory Sulcata Tortoise


We have Ivory Sulcata tortoise for sale at very afforadable prices directly from Sulcata Tortoise Breeder.  We have 5-9 months old baby Ivory sulcata tortoise ready to be shipped. The baby Ivory sulcata tortoises are 10cm in length and come with 1 month Health Warranty and Live Arrival Guarantee.

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Ivory Sulcata Tortoise for sale

Available in hatchling, well-started baby, yearling, and juvenile, our HET for Ivory Sulcata tortoises for sale carry the Ivory Gene and will be lighter in color. At the same time when bred to another HET for Ivory, or Ivory sulcata tortoise for sale, they will produce either part Ivory, or Full Ivory offspring.  We have beautiful hatchling, 6 mo old well started Sulcata tortoise carrying the HET for Ivory Gene as well as yearlings and juveniles in stock.

Cheapest ivory sulcata tortoise for sale in the USA?

If you’re looking to buy baby sulcata tortoises for sale (baby African spur thighed tortoise for sale) you have come to the right place! These super cute african spur thighed tortoises are eating like pigs and growing fast.  For those inexperienced with tortoises we do recommend the well started baby sulcata tortoise for sale, as they are much easier to care for and substantially more active.  We also offer well started baby Sulcata tortoise for sale as well as yearling juveniles and young adults available from the drop down age selector. We do recommend the well started babies over the sulcata tortoise hatchlings, as they are much more active and easier to care for but still are very small and cute.   Sulcata Tortoises make great pet tortoises and are known for their outgoing personalities and friendly nature.  The African Spurred tortoise grow fast and are relatively easy to care for.  Our Sulcata Tortoise hatchlings for sale are just about 1.75-2″ in length offer vibrant color and are extremely healthy, fed a variety of greens, cactus and tortoise chow as well as being soaked daily.   We also offer the recommended well started baby sulcata tortoises for sale, as well as juvenile spur thighed tortoises for sale and adults sulcata tortoises.

It is imperative that you choose a reputable tortoise breeder/keeper when purchasing your baby Sulcata tortoise (remember you get what you pay for!)  We are proud to say we offer some of the nicest african spur thighed tortoise for sale available in the US at some of the best prices!

Ivory Sulcata tortoises look like albino Sulcatas, but they have dark ruby eyes, that almost look black.  The sun does not bother them, so you can house them outside.The primary difference between true ‘Albinos’ and ‘Leucistic’ is with the eye pigment. Albino genes cause a complete loss of pigment in everything, including skin, shell and eyes.  Albino eyes are actually clear (without color) and what you see are blood vessels at the back of the eye, giving the red appearance.  Leucistic genes cause a loss of pigment in everything except the eyes, leaving the eyes with natural color.  Although Leucistic babies are first born with clear (albino) eyes with dark red appearance, they eventually change to black during the first few weeks.True albino eyes will remain red throughout life, making the outdoors (sun rays) an unhealthy environment, whereas, Leucistic tortoises (with black eyes) are not harmed by natural sunlight.

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  1. Thank you for my tortoise. Actually I never believed I was going to get them but you proved my suspicion wrong. Thank you once more for not canning me like the others. The guys from the airlines were professional and my tortoise is healthy and very agile. Scaring my little kitten 😅

  2. Hello and good afternoon I was just wondering if you ship International? As I am interested in some of the Sulcata’s that you have for sale .

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